Little Summer’s Ghost

There is an increasing abundance of grey and overcast skies in September and the deep blues of dusk…
Nonetheless, September still has a healthy dose of summer in it.
“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage.
We will welcome summer’s ghost.”

— Henry Rollins

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September to me has forest green and khaki colours, pale blue, copper and shabby chick at its core.
Things will become a bit more polarized in October…

Deep View

Some assumptions will lead to still useful models and conclusions, whereas other assumptions will destroy the predictive power.
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Niveles de la Visión profunda:
1). La capacidad de ver todas las cosas de forma objetiva, muy clara y perfecta.
2). La total purificación de todas las impurezas de la mente desde una Visión profundamente silenciosa de la realidad.
Fill the Empty Spaces.