Indigo color has one of the longest wave lengths in the visible color spectrum. It is a combination of deep blue and violet and holds the attributes of both these colors.
The word in its present spelling originated about the middle of the 17th century to refer to the blue Indian dye derived from the blue powder of the plant indigofera.
I think so many people are drawn to this color because we have an innate desire to wear the color that’s associated with activating our third eye. Deep down in our souls we know that the activation of our third eye will help us move forward spiritually.
Colorists tell us that if indigo is your favorite color, you are honest, compassionate and understanding; and integrity is extremely important to you. For example, the Virgin Mary is often depicted wearing indigo or blue clothing.

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The Shine On Award

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4. Fall is my favorite season.
5. I love it when it rains but I don’t like getting wet.
6. I can make people laugh at some soiree, even though normally I am quite shy.
7. I love this view:
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