Choosing the right colors

It is on the whole probably that according to coloring, individuals may be classified as follows:
– cool types: golden hair, fair skin, pale pink cheeks with hint of blue, blue or gray eyes; blue-black hair with fair skin, blue or gray eyes;
– warm types: auburn hair, brown eyes, creamy skin, pink cheeks tinged with yellow rather than blue, some of this group have blue-gray eyes. Also those with dark-brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, red-orange flush on cheeks.
Obviously, the cool type of people will find cool colors such as blues, grays, blue-greens and greens, their best choices with trimmings and accessories, if desired, in the warmer colors for contrast. The warm colors, however, should be toward the cool colors rather than too intensely warm.
The warm type girl, with auburn or brown hair and brown eyes and warm skin with a tinge of orange in it, will apparently look her best in the warm browns, oranges, reds, red-purples and the yellow-greens.
In this case, intermediate are between these two types – the fortunate persons who can wear all colors if the proper consideration is given to the correct proportions of colors and to the occasion on which they will be used.

Time for a Walk “Babe Be My Friend

Winter Elven Song

“We (people) only remembered that elves sang. But we forgot what they sang about.”
— Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

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Happy Christmas! ♡


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1. My first blogging award – Shine On.
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3. I like to play the guitar.
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6. I can make people laugh at some soiree, even though normally I am quite shy.
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